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School Council

Our School Council is a group of elected representatives; 2 children from each class in years 2-6, who work together to represent the views of all our children and so improve our school to meet the needs and fulfil the potential of all our children in a harmonious diverse community.

Who are our School Councillors?

We have 2 representatives for each class, who are elected at the beginning of the year by their classmates.

What does our School Council do?

We meet four times per term with an adult and discuss important issues to our children and school, such as the development of our anti-bullying policy.

Our school councillors always model our school values.

Our 2021/22 school council members are:

Year 2
  • 2LS: Amaya and Jason
  • 2RW: Fatima and Shayden
  • 2AJ: Sydney and ​Varis
Year 3
  • 3ND: Alara and Noel
  • 3EQ: Zainab and Greg
  • 3RW: Amelia and Flynn
Year 4
  • 4MB: Brynn and Ethan
  • 4AS: Ekalavya and Tracy
  • 4CD: Lewan and Aditya
Year 5
  • 5EH: Krista and Sahil
  • 5SF: Nada and Aurimas
  • 5RF: Ameena and Frankie
Year 6
  • 6RG: Presksha and Jayden
  • 6LS: Hawa and Pratham
  • 6JR: Elsie and Riq
Compass Representatives:
  • Elsie (6JR)
  • Jaden (6RG)